“Thanks Charles for being awesome! He helped Earley get 4 collections off and the deletion letters are coming in which her score will go up almost to 700 score and save the Home plus loan for them!

THANKS CHARLES! Best credit repair guy there is!”

Andrew Augustyniak
Senior Loan Officer / Team Leader

“I wanted to tell you that I pulled my credit and the results are amazing! My mid score went from 638 to 709. I couldn’t be happier with the results!! Thank you so much.”

Michelle Pittman
Scottsdale, AZ

“75 items is a lot that has been deleted or repaired. You probably understand better than I do, it’s confusing about the credit scores and how they are so different between each other and how drastically they change in 30 days. Thank you so much for helping me with this.”

Sheba J
Gilbert, AZ

“I am an entrepreneur. I have had some successes and some flaming failures. It was a one of those fantastic fire balls that lead me to Charles and credit repair. I run a pharmaceutical business now and having good credit is imperative to getting contracts with large suppliers. In 4 months, Charles and his team has helped me immensely. Allowing me to get the bet thirty accounts I needed to grow my business! Without his help, I would be a year behind where I am.Highly recommended service.”

Gary R
Newport Beach, CA

“Will definitely recommend Bill and this company to anyone!! Thank you Bill!”

Jennifer C
Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve been working with Charles with for about 4 months and he got my credit score to go from the low to mid 600, to know having all off my scores above 700. Amazing service Charles provides.”

Dalia L
Phoenix, AZ

“I’m having a flag flown for you down range and then the pilots will make a certificate, its a one of a kind thing, you will need to get a shadow box for it. Thanks, you do a great service for a lot of people too, its my way of saying thank you.”

Walter S
Phoenix, AZ

“I appreciate the personal attention that Mr. Parker allow to go over each credit report. The time that he spend explaining in detail each report, and the step by step actions that will be taken. There is continuous communication from Mr. Parker regarding what has been, what will be, and what need to be done to bring each matter to closure. I thank you so much for the service that your company provide to people like me who so desperately need assistance repairing their credit. Thank you.”

Terri Hayford
Chandler, AZ

So a few weeks ago I got a random text from a # I have no clue who they are and they sent me a name/contact of a person. So being the LO I am, called the contact thinking they needed to be preapproved. They weren’t really looking for a loan but will be down the road. They needed some help getting their credit to the right place so I asked if I could have my AMAZING credit guy Charles Bill Parker call them and they said yes.

I just got this message from the client:

“Hey Kelly. I talked to Charles and had a great interview with him. He is very sincere and knowledgeable. I talked to the wifey and she gave me the green light to go ahead and start with the credit repairing process of a lifetime. Haha jk. May 1st is when we start the process with Charles. If all goes well with mine my wife Amy would love to do hers as well depending on a positive outcome. I thank you for directing me this way and odd how we met but if all goes well as planned then I’m glad it happened now. Thanks.”

Thank you so much Charles for being an amazing referral partner that I can trust with my clients and helping them to the goal of home ownership!!!! We appreciate you!

Kelly Weston Loan Officer
The Weston Team
Scottsdale, AZ

“My daughter was ‪recommended to Charles and he is working wonders on her credit!! Thanks for all you do!!!”

Nancy MacDonald-Bonnett‪

“Thanks to Charles Parker Consulting Service’s, LLC Bonded – Credit Repair – Student LoansI have the highest credit score I’ve ever had in my 45 years of life! He should be a unicorn, he’s magical!”

Rebecca Powers‪
Mesa, AZ